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Brass In and Learn About Diane's History in Mining

This was an amazing experience! Walk through it with me, friends. Listen Here:

Here’s what Mining Minds had to say about this episode:

"Join Mining Minds as we sit down with Diane Watson, retired supervisory special investigator at the U.S. Department of Labor or MSHA. We walked through her life journey from leaving home at 15 years old and breaking into her grandmothers’ cabin to get food stamps to sitting in the cabin years later enjoying a cocktail with Mining Minds. We talked about Diane’s resiliency, how she started her career as a haul truck operator, and how she is truly an educator as she continues to help individuals and businesses. Retired now, Diane assists individuals and

business with their safety compliance, as she has started her own company called Silverado Compliance Solutions. To contact Diane, click the links on the episode notes or give her a call at (707) 350-2934. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Diane Watson to the Face!”

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